Why caring for Leather Shoes is Important?

Shoes are the most neglected of all accessories we use, while they are the ones we must give maximum attention to. Taking care of leather shoes is a habit we must all develop, not just to make them look bright, but also to keep their condition intact. It does not matter much whether your leather shoes are a designer product or did not cost you a bomb, it is anyway important to take basic care of them:

  • It is a good idea to apply a coat of leather conditioner on your shoes when they begin to look a little dry. Application of leather care products regularly will not only boost the shine of your shoes but will also add to its life span.
  • It is important to apply proper shoe care products in order to highlight the richness of leather and provide depth to the colour of leather.
  • Correct leather shoe care can prevent your favourite pair from drying out and developing cracks, which spells a doom for the life of the shoes.
  • Following a regular regimen of cleaning, conditioning, polishing and weatherproofing help in the protection of leather shoes and keep them usable for years together.
  • Do not let dirt and debris settle on your shoes for a long time. Brush it off with a soft cloth each time after wearing them. This will help in maintaining their health.
  • Be careful not to get leather shoes wet. Use shoe care supplies easily available in stores to remove grime from leather shoes.
  • Polish your shoes whenever dust gathers on them. The advisable way to polish leather shoes is by using cream polish. Use a clean and soft cloth to apply the polish, and finally use another clean cloth to wipe it off.
  • Do not use saddle soap to clean your leather shoes. It requires rinsing thereby increasing chances of development of cracks.
  • Remember never to put your leather shoes out in the sun to dry. Direct exposure to sunlight will turn them pale and discoloured. Another guaranteed way of avoiding cracks is by not placing leather shoes next to fire or heater to dry.

5 Must-Have Shoe Care Products

It is important to take proper care of your shoes in order to make them last for a few good years. Be it leather, canvas, suede or any synthetic material, all kinds of shoes require a certain degree of attention. Since you can ensure a longer life for your favorite pair only by using the correct shoe care products, it is crucial to know about them.

There are a few items your shoes just cannot do without. Find out which ones they are by going through the following:

1.    Shoe polish – for a sparkling shine

Use shoe polish to give your formal shoes a nice shine. You can choose from two kinds of polish:
•    Shoe cream – It is a paste that is widely used for keeping leather shoes soft and supple. Shoe cream is made of oil that boosts the color of leather. It is a great product as far as the health of your leather shoes is concerned.
•    Wax polish – It lends a better shine to leather than shoe creams do. Go for a black, white or brown color, according to the color of your shoes. Invest in a good shoe polish to transform the way your leather shoes look!

2.    Shoe Brush – to add a zing

Buy a soft brush to buff up your trendiest pair of shoes. After you have applied shoe polish, use a shoe brush to remove any excess polish. This will let the leather shine brightly. Make sure you only use a brush made from horsehair as such kinds have soft bristles. They are excellent for leather or sport shoes as they protect them from being scratched. Most of them come with handles for a comfortable session of shoe brushing.

3.    Shoe cleaner – to keep your shoes healthy

Shoe cleaners, available in both sprays and liquids, are great at removing dirt and stains from shoes. They preserve the mineral oils in leather and make them stronger and more flexible. Wipe off the extra cleaner with a moist cloth and allow the pair of shoes to dry well. Remember not to buy a cleaner that has an acid content.

4.    Odor spray – for long-lasting freshness

If you are fussy about foot odor, this is the product you should always keep handy! Spray a little to the sole of your shoes before you wear them, or find a spray that can be applied on your foot before you get into the shoes. Usable with any kind of shoes, they also come in the form of powder.

5.    Waterproof product – to build a shield

Protect your leather shoes from getting damaged during the rains by waterproofing them. Choose a cream or oil that is best suited to handle the leather kind of your shoes. Rub a little bit of cream on your shoes and leave it to rest for an hour. Wipe off the excess cream. Waterproof spray is another option which is a little less effective than creams.

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